Hello world.

Ohh, it never occurred to me to try roasting coffee on a charcoal BBQ grill. I like both roasting coffee and charcoal grilling. Maybe I could get a spare Behmor mesh roasting drum and try it with a power drill for the hackery of it. Though, this Mochiglory Rotisserie Basket Coffee Bean BBQ Grill Roaster Drum looks pretty cheap too.

Last night, I found a backup of a VM disk image from a work laptop many, many jobs ago. Fell down a rabbit hole figuring out how to get a look at the files inside. The image wouldn't boot. Turns out it was a FreeBSD image. Managed to get it mounted with a live CD ISO, only to find symlinks and references to files that had lived on an NFS mount somewhere in the office network back then. 😞 Just enough info to guess it might have been fun to look at all that ancient work, but none of the actual files themselves.