Hello world.

Thinking about mindful interventions into negative self-talk around interests and projects.

Thinking about time management in games like Persona 5 versus my own life.

Also, I'm trying to deflect guilt over not finishing Persona 5 - see the previous thing I was thinking about.

Feeling a slight urge to play with some GameDev again. Every time I've done it so far, it's been vaguely in the service of sharpening up my WebDev chops. I've wanted to learn more about audio, graphics, gamepad, and worker APIs and figured games were a good way to get there. I also started learning Rust via GameDev.

Thing is, though, it's been so very rare that any game I've actually ended up playing was written for the web. Not even the indie stuff. I would have thought by now that the state of GameDev on the web would have made it really worth doing. Guess not? Seems kind of sad to me. I kind of want to make a game that you can just drop into from an URL. Have I not looked hard enough?

Matt Haughey: Building DIY LED strips for fun:

If you’ve watched YouTube or Twitch streamers, you might have noticed they have interesting backgrounds behind them, often with colored LED lighting on shelves or in corners. My new home office has a bunch of built-in floating shelves and I thought it’d be a perfect place to install LED strips. ... Your lights will be controlled by a tiny computer chip with a WiFi adapter in it and the one you want is a NodeMCU ESP8266.

My office is a mess right now, but this would be neat to set up in there and maybe around my basement workbench where I've been Streaming

I think The Gom Jabbar Test of Humanity really had an impact on my notions around becoming an adult human. I saw it in David Lynch's Dune probably at around age 10. The whole movie was formative in a trippy way.

This is probably in poor taste, but: I'm imagining a protest-themed, squad-based hero game. Mom shields, leaf blower dads, retired vet tanks, streamer mages, drum & chant bards, fully-nude enchanters, parkour fence-topplers, street medics, snack grillers. I've seen all of these characters in Portland.

Some hopeful news about COVID-19 vaccines & duration - How Long Does COVID-19 Immunity Last?:

Let’s say I learn to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Three weeks later, you might ask me how I did it. I can’t really describe every step from memory, I tell you. But then you hand me a Rubik’s Cube, and I suddenly recall my strategy and solve that sucker in half the time. Similarly, the KCL study might initially seem to describe a forgetful antibody response. But, primed by the reappearance of COVID-19, our immune system might snap back and mount a powerful defense.