Hello world.

Spying on Big Sonic Heaven - wherein I blogged this week! Maybe I'll do it some more? Who knows. It was nice to blow the dust off the machinery and unload something from my mental drafts folder though.

Sometimes I have random "deep thoughts" when I stare out the window working on a journal entry. Most times I don't know if they're worth jotting down. They may be too precious or best reserved for an intoxicated evening.

Here's one of those thoughts: Where's the threshold for the naming of things? We don't name puddles. We do name lakes. We don't name waves on the ocean. We do name mountains. (Aren't mountains essentially waves in the earth?) We don't name tornadoes. We do name hurricanes.

I can understand that we needs names as economic reference to a things of prolonged duration and concern. But, can names trap us in mistaking permanence within the impermanence of all things? Are there things we've left unnamed in our blind spots?

Hmm, "Unnamed Weather" sounds like a good name for a song.

Here's another weird "deep thought": I wonder what it was like back when the first primate discovered the idea for a vessel to hold water? Like, not inside their own body or their cupped hands, but a tool for holding water and carrying it far from the original source. That must have been a wild time, being able to wander far from a river or lake and not die of thirst. I wonder if anyone got beat up or killed for the heresy of separating the water from its source?