Next steps

2020 Mar 14

  • 2N3055 transistors arrived back on Feb 15
  • Replaced 2N3055 on ARII and found voltage at 5.7VDC
  • Tweaked 1k pot at R8 on ARII until voltage at 4.998VDC at C1+ on ARII
  • Power off, hook up PCB ser 04850, power on
  • Measured 4.819VDC on +5V test point
  • Tweaked 1K pot on ARII R8 until 4.997VDC on PCB +5VDC test point
  • Power off, hook up spare PCB ser 02100, power on
  • Measured +4.990VDC on PCB +5VDC test point

2020 Feb 6

  • Used DeOxit and a fiberglass pen to clean main PCB connections
  • +5VDC on PCB is at around 4.7V
  • ARII bottlecap transistor is very, very hot.
  • Ordered some replacement 2N3055 transistors

2020 Jan 20

  • Checking out the power brick again
    • Considered soldering wires to the fuse block terminals
    • Discovered that the fuse in F2 is loose, pinched the prongs of the holder
      • Red probe J5 Pin 1 - 14.67VDC steady! (fixed I think)
  • Testing ARII
    • 36VAC test points - 37.18VAC
    • -22VDC test point - -24.95VDC
    • +22VDC test point - 24.88VDC
    • 12VDC test point - 12.13VDC
    • -5VDC test point - -14VDC - problematic? needs testing under load?
    • +10.3VDC UNR test point - 14VDC - problematic?
    • Checked VDC on C1 positive lead - 4.78VDC
    • Adjusted to 5.01VDC using pot
  • Testing +5VDC on PCB
    • 4.67VDC - seems too low, connections need cleaning? harness damaged?

2020 Jan 17