Spent time today trying to The Print Shop (1984) by Broderbund to print

I'd initially tried an Apple II emulated on Internet Archive but that can't print (doh)

Using VICE to emulate a C64

Found The Print Shop as a .d64 disk image. Also tried csdb.dk but that image seemed to crash.

The settings dialog won't let me set any emulated printers to graphics mode

On Windows 10, I found the settings file under C:\Users\lmorc\AppData\Roaming\vice\vice.ini

Found the Printer4Output=graphics setting described here in the docs

Manually editing the .ini seems to have gotten the mode set to graphics. Also had to set a path for saving the printer output files.

Seems to be working, though it seems to only output the previous page printed successfully - the latest one is a zero-length BMP file. Ahh, I think it needs a manual line-feed triggered from the settings dialog.

Found this tutorial for cleaning up the dot-matrix output a little in GIMP. The output is made of spaced dots, which ends up looking a bit faint when laser-printed. Okay for a card. Kind of a pain in the butt for a banner, though. Too many images.