Power outages quickly become problematic. It would be nice to have an option for reserve power at home when that happens.

Most outages seem to last about a day. I have been through a week-long outage at least once in my life. Would like a lot of spare capacity, though. Does "a lot" mean three days, one week, two weeks, a month? What's the order of magnitude of expense between each versus the likelihood of needing the contingency?

Endangered essentials roughly include:

  • refrigerator
  • freezer
  • my CPAP at night
  • furnace
  • AC
  • lights
  • phone charging
  • laptop charging

On generators:

  • I've had one before, I don't have one now.
  • Generators go outside, are noisy, can attract attention, can be stolen.
  • Needs fuel that can be hard to keep on hand and fresh.
  • Acquiring fuel leads to contending with others who also need fuel
    • at best, a long wait at gas station
    • at worst, getting stuck in a crowd where bad things happen.
  • I know there are permanent installation gas whole-house backup generators, but those are spendy.
  • Fuel options
    • Gasoline - gas station within walking distance, but it goes stale
    • Propane - never dealt with it. Does it go stale? Dangerous to keep around?
    • House gas line - assuming it's still working during power outage, possible for a temporary hookup to a portable generator? Bad idea?
      • Grill line is probably too small, need special attention to the pressure draw of the generator and ensure it doesn't starve other things in the house

On batteries:

On solar:

  • Have never dealt with solar.
  • Short of a major project on the roof, would it be useful to have a few panels to put outside in a pinch to bolster batteries?

Hybrid notions:

  • A few days' worth of battery storage to give breathing room?
  • A fuel-flexible generator to support batteries when fuel is more easily acquired?
  • Would like to be able to shelter-in-place and lay low during instability events for as long as possible to avoid crowds, panic, and rushed thinking
  • Some solar panels to charge as possible?

Random notes & links, which are probably inaccurate as heck:

  • Tesla Powerwall - 1 day backup - $12,000. Add 2 more days with solar for $16,400 more.
  • Generac - $9999, 18kWh, 9kW, 50A