Worked awhile on NodeCG and CaffeinaBot stuff this morning

Made some lentil soup for lunch and the next week's lunches

2020 / 05 / 16 - stream notes - tried streaming today, yay

@partytimeHXLNT tweeted:

Started playing with the OPL2 Audio Board tonight. It's a clever Arduino-compatible board for interfacing with the YM3812, the chip responsible for that classic Adlib/Sound Blaster FM synthesis sound. I'm in love.

I, too, would like to play with that OPL2 Audio Board

Hooray! I fixed the fade-out problem in ChipMachine again!

Poked a bit at StaticRendering. Created a GitHub repo and published a static snapshot on Github Pages! Now I just have to refine the static template and stylesheet.

Maybe I should add a NowPage to my site along with the AboutMePage?

I'd like to tinker with some FPGA stuff someday soon