I am producing a static rendering of this wiki and publishing it to a web site.

In a nutshell

To Do

  • Generate index pages listing tiddlers by tag
  • Add a last-modified date to the static pages
  • Search around here might be nice - I can do it from Tiddlywiki, the authoring environment, but having it on the static site would be nice
  • HomePage columns?
  • Make the static rendering template less funky?
    • I don't really understand TiddlyWiki macros & widgets & pragmas & etc yet - this is kind of copypasta'd from other templates until it seemed to work
  • Would it be interesting to whitelist or blacklist published pages by tag?
  • Might be neat to have a "now" page listing things I'm up to right now. That, and / or have a big panel added to my AboutMePage
  • An RSS feed of RecentChanges could be nice
  • An RSS feed of AllJournals
    • But maybe hold back today until tomorrow, when it's "done"
    • Not quite a blog, maybe a daybook? Kind of a blog