Might tinker with Easy-Blog Oven today along with regular work?

As I'm poking at Easy-Blog Oven and thinking about being more active with blog writing again, it occurs to me - without having written a new post, mind you, so this is premature - that part of my blog silence has been not getting together notes about things worth writing about. Hoping again that accumulating things here will eventually lead to me composing posts mostly by gluing together and editing stuff I've spewed here.

Thinking maybe I should write up some things I know about Git surgery - like reflog, interactive rebase, add -p, resets and cherry picks, squashes, and why bother with any of it

I kind of want to move to New Zealand

fraidycat is a neat little feed reader / site follower app

A quick check with wc tells me I've written over 15k words here in tiddlers so far. That seems interesting.

That reminds me I should tinker some more with the StaticRendering here and improve the HTML template & CSS.

Worked on hooking up Storybook build & deploy to CircleCI on Firefox Accounts today. Hopefully that Storybook setup works for us, I think it's pretty neat. I should write more about it.