It's not much, yet. Hopefully it won't ever be much and just stay simple and quick and build my blog easily. The name so far is a play on bake, don't fry.


My last stab at a blog generator was a learning project for gulp.

I don't use gulp any more. So, this time, I wanted to see how naively simple I could build my blog in modern JavaScript. So far, so good: It's very simple promise based code and runs in like 4 seconds for 1000+ entries!

I have also just realized that I thought the kid's toy was called a "ready bake oven" when really it was called an "Easy-Bake Oven" - so, at one point, it was called "Ready Blog Oven" but now it's "Easy-Blog Oven"

To Do

  • Maybe separate content from code so that it could be more reusable? Might be hard because I'm kind of co-evolving the code with the content
  • Want to come with an Amazon S3 deployment that only uploads changes
  • Would like to improve in-progress code listings - maybe a tab panel rather than details / summary?
  • Could be fun to add little live code listings with source and run result
  • Want to add a download bundle of all the code listings
  • Would be nice to have tooling to manage listings, diffs, and download artifact