Dang, I had a lot of notes yesterday.

Thinking about StickerBook some more.

Sad that I broke my joycon on stream last night, hopefully will fix this weekend. I think I had an expectation that I should present only successes on stream, but that's in conflict with Work with the garage door up which will show the process for good or bad.

Maybe I could convert the upstairs in my Animal Crossing house into a presentation space for streaming talks? Carve out a space on the wall to "project" slides in OBS

Long meeting day today. Feel like I had some thoughts that I missed spewing here. Trying to recover them now. Don't think that's practical.

I got a tiny static site generator thing merged in a pull request at work for publishing Storybook builds. I should write some more about that and maybe blog it.

Took an hour nap today. I never do that. It felt pretty nice. I got stuff done after it.

As I mentioned on 2020 / 05 / 19, I wanted to move typing.lmorchard.com back to a plain static S3 bucket. I just did that. It was way easier than I remembered. So, that's done now.

So, having thought about that static site generator earlier and how simple it was, I decided to try tinkering with a new script for my blog. I called it Easy-Blog Oven.