Played a bunch more with Easy-Blog Oven last night. Made big progress. Got page templates working, built all the individual entries along with indexes for months & years & tags & recent entries on front page. It all came together really fast.

Also, it seems kind of ludicrous: I'm just loading all 1000+ blog posts into memory at once and then basically map/filter/reduce my way though the data. It all takes 4 seconds to build most of my blog.

Worked a bunch more on Easy-Blog Oven and I think I've almost got it at the point where it could step in as a replacement for rendering my blog. So, like, maybe I should think about writing something and start using it. A few more tweaks, maybe, to set it up with a file watcher to generate previews for in-progress drafts. And then maybe some GitHub Actions exploration to set it up for auto-publishing.

Okay, so I worked almost all day on Easy-Blog Oven. I ported over the blog posts from my old gulp blog, preserving the history with git filter-branch. Then, I played around with Github Actions to come up with a clunky quick action that builds and publishes the blog to Github Pages on a push to stage branch. Next thing might be to get a similar action that publishes the content to my AWS S3 bucket - that is, unless I feel like hosting entirely from Github. Hmm.

The repair parts for my Switch joycon arrived late tonight. Thinking I might take a shot at finishing the repair and purple shell replacement tomorrow on my stream.

Watched the show Upload on Amazon Prime for a few episodes after dinner tonight. Really interesting dramedy about being uploaded to a virtual world after death (or even slightly before). There may also have been a murder. Reminds me a little bit of Jim Munroe's Everyone in Silico