Hello world.

I'm outside again. Lunch with beer, watching the bees work. Trying to let my brain drift and recharge. Listening to podcasts and puttering around online trying not to doomscroll. I might try a lie on the ground and stare at the sky.

Also trying some mining in EVE Echoes, which is pretty chill and only requires intermittent vigilance. Seems to be distracting me from devoting intermittent vigilance to Twitter and the news.

Worked some more on my little web game engine last night. Trying to upgrade the 2D vector drawing engine to handle layers with multiple camera positions and brightness levels. Got a lot of debugging to do in WebGL.

Also got the JS player for SunVox loading and playing music - so that seems like a really neat way to get music into the game.

Thinking I might take a diversion from aspirationally making a game and try making a demo using the graphics and music. Maybe a tribute to the Swinth Demo from back in my C64 days

Thinking about more game-like and procedural art shenanigans. Want to remember these things to check out later: