EVE Echoes is a mobile version of EVE Online. At launch, it's kind of a stripped-down distillate of the game on PC. But, it's got enough of the essentials to have snagged my interest over the past week or so.

It runs very well on my Samsung S10 phone. It also runs decently well in a window on my PC via Samsung DeX. So, I can wander around the house & backyard playing the game on both a small and large screen.

Most of the game as I've played it so far consists of travel via warp tunnels and stargates while I play space trucker between mission locations. So, it's been kind of a chill accomplishment simulator.

Occasionally, there are low-stakes battles - also chill mainly because I haven't tried many engagements that would be a challenge to losing my ship before I can afford to replace it.

The most tense thing so far, oddly enough, has been mining in low-security systems where another player can drop in at any moment and try to blow me up.

I'd like to get into trade & industry. But, so far, the UI for trade is abysmal and I need to train up skills to be effective at industry. Also, as far as I can tell, there are no APIs for the game servers yet. So, that puts a damper on a lot of the toy data science shenanigans I was doing in Jupyter Notebook and Google spreadsheets to fuel my previous gameplay in EVE Online.