Hello world.

It's been awhile - a little over 2 months. At least I see that the machinery behind this notes thing still all works, though.

I had a pretty good run of almost 5 months of jotting entries here, then I stopped. This is how I am with nearly all things, if I'm not driven by fear of calamity to continue.

I'm not sure why I operate this way, but it frustrates me. My current working notion is that it's ADHD. But, not being "into" something for very long keeps me from building up much momentum and keeps me from finishing things.

Still trying to figure out how to better work with the random pen plotter that is my brain after 45 years.

Got busy with work. But, one of the reasons I fired this thing back up is that I had a notion to maybe start jotting down some ideas for stories that have been banging around in my head. Brain's a bit mush now at 5pm - but maybe having committed the notion to the wiki here, I'll feel like doing it later or tomorrow?