Kind of want to expand this from 2020 / 05 / 20 into a blog post:

I feel like my brain is a pen plotter drawing unoptimized paths.

Swing over to the northwest quadrant, sketch a couple of lines. Swing way over to southeast, draw a small curve. To the center, draw a square. Back to northwest, connect the lines with another line. Way over to northeast, ink one dot.

Let the thing go long enough and a picture might emerge. Along the way, there's no sensible narrative to follow.

Without taking notes like in this wiki, it's like my brain's running on a CRT. The vector drawing is so slow and scattered that the phosphors fade before any pattern emerges.

Trying to find an example of a pen plotter drawing unsorted lines. I seem to remember seeing joshua schachter post a video of this, once upon a time.

This seems to discuss the thing I'm thinking about, too

Damn it, now I want to get a pen plotter to play with.