I like Streaming. I think I have ADHD.

The latter seems to make it difficult for me to consistently schedule the former. And I have a notion that consistent scheduling is key to having a stream that people actually come around to watch.

Maybe that's not essential? Maybe a stream that just appears occasionally at random is fine?

On the other hand, maybe I should consider something more async like producing YouTube videos?

But, if I get into considering YouTube videos, that takes away some of the appeal of streaming: Mainly, that I can just turn it on while I do a thing and not worry about editing or cleaning it up later.

If I produce a video or a podcast, I'll want it to be well produced and better planned.

Also, an async thing misses some of the vague live social contact that seems nice about streaming. Not that many folks show up when I stream right now anyway (see: scheduling) but it is nice to occasionally have company in a distanced way that only triggers a muted social anxiety response.

Maybe a consistent schedule isn't as important as any schedule. As in, I somehow announce and plan a stream a few days in advance and then go do it. That's still a challenge to my ADHD brain, to plan & commit to a future event, but it might be easier than trying to pursue a consistent drumbeat of a schedule.

Along with all of this, I should note current events: The world's in a bit of a state. There are protests and folks with things to say. Seems kind of "off topic" right now for me to try streaming workbench and code tinkerings in and amidst all this. And I'm not sure I have anything useful to add to this conversation. So I'm also thinking that this has turned into a not great time to stream my garbage?